Monday, May 14, 2012

sunset wedding; {The Woodlands/Spring, TX, family photographer}

Here is the full preview of the beautiful wedding I shot this weekend. This is just a taste of the many images I have of this lovely couple. Thank you, thank you for choosing me as your photographer. I loved it, and I really hope you love these.

I once had a friend and client tell me that I have a little story for every photo. I do. So, I have to tell the story of this one, because it’s not the typical shot you’d find as a favorite, but this one is mine. 
I love it because of the moment it captures, and because I am the nerdiest of the nerds.

So, after they were announced as Mr. and Mrs., they walked back down the aisle and to the house where they would live as man and wife. I wanted to give them just the teensiest second to have that special moment to themselves without anyone (me) in their faces. I love how strong and handsome he is in his dark suit and wedding band and how feminine and lovely she is with her curls and bare back. Someone in the last row had just yelled “congratulations,” and I love how you can tell how tightly she is gripping her new husband as she turns to smile and say thank you.
Told ya. Super nerd.
Oh, and, in case you haven’t heard, I have a small love affair going on with sun flare. 


  1. I seriously can not say thank you enough, and I have only seen a handful of pictures. All of my friends and family are raving about your work. Thank you for capturing all the beautiful memories. I will be contacting you in the future when we will be needing maternity pictures. ;)

  2. Leslie, you are so sweet. I'm in the middle of editing the rest and can't wait to show them to you. Thanks so much!