Monday, June 4, 2012

family of five play at Memorial Park

I spent a late Saturday afternoon with this family of five at Memorial Park in Houston. These kiddos were so fun posing for the camera. They were willing to do whatever silly poses we suggested. We had them climbing rocks and sitting on bridges and smelling flowers and up in trees and up and down hills. They were very cooperative and so pleasant to photograph. It's always fun to see how kids are going to react to having their pictures taken, and these three were perfect little models.

(That's one trick I have for little ones who are not in the mood to have their pictures taken. 
Give them little tasks or challenges. 
"Can you see what's in that pond?" 
"I'll bet no one can jump over this rock."
Try it with your kids. 
You'll end up getting some beautiful expressions and won't get so frustrated because they won't "cheese" for you. :)

The sun was just starting to set, so we had lovely light for this sweet family photo. Have you ever seen a photo and wish you had the same one of your own family? I want this one!

This beautiful momma wanted to make sure she got a picture with her handsome husband. The sun was just right to give us some beautiful colors. 
When I ask moms and dads how long it's been since they've taken a picture together, the answer is always one of two answers--since before the oldest was born or wedding pictures. Guilty here, too.

When we were almost done with the shoot, we went over to the playground to let the kids have some fun. I got lots of great candid shots, and we had fun chasing them all over the slides.
Thanks so much for a fun shoot, and I'll have your entire gallery ready for you in a week. 

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