Tuesday, June 5, 2012

newborn baby girl--I hope she sleeps this well for you, Momma!

What a little doll Baby Girl J was to shoot...and hold and cuddle and fawn over. :) I had the pleasure of taking this little peanut's newborn pictures at her home this weekend in Spring, Texas. I always schedule up to three hours for newborn shoots, because we usually have to take breaks for eating, diaper changing, and general fussiness. Not with this girl! She was a trooper, and I was in and out of there in less than an hour.

I have this constant debate with myself when it comes to editing. I'm a natural-look kinda gal, but a little smoothing never hurt anyone. But, I just had to leave these adorable stork marks on Baby J's forehead. I think they are precious, and they won't be around forever, so I personally love to see them. (I'm probably a tiny bit biased because both of my babies had the same marks.) What's your preference? Do you like a completely blemish-free baby or do you like your babies "warts and all"? This one looks pretty perfect to me.

So, I typically don't do lots of Photoshop work for my clients, unless they specifically request it. However, Mom and I chatted in the session about creating a vintage picture, and I sort of love how this turned out.

I had to include one of these two sweetie pies together in the preview. This little man was super cute and sweet to his little sister. He was very willing to give me the few shots I needed and then he was off to play again. It worked out perfectly. These two look so peaceful together, and I LOVE the little smile on Baby J's face. Perfect!
What a great shoot, and what a good little sleeper. Now the most important question: Does she sleep this well for you, Momma? I sure hope so! Happy preview, and I'll let you know as soon as the rest are ready.